How Can You Tell if You're Pregnant?

How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant?

You had unprotected sex and, even though you haven’t missed a period yet, you just need to know:

Am I pregnant?

While there’s no way to know for sure without a pregnancy test and physical examination, many women experience pregnancy symptoms as early as one week after sex.

Here is a list of some common signs of pregnancy…

~ Shortness of breath

~ Slight bleeding (spotting)

~ Sore breasts

~ Headaches

~ Nausea or vomiting

~ Fatigue

~ Food cravings or aversion (dislike)

~ Frequent urination

~ Mood swings

~ Backaches

~ Cramping

~ Constipation

~ Bloating

~ Elevated body temperature

~ Enhanced sense of smell

~ Dizziness or fainting

Having a few of these pregnancy signs doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. Likewise, having none of them doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant. It just may be able to give you a clue before you can get a pregnancy test to know for sure.

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