Abortion is one option that women have when it comes to handling an unplanned pregnancy. Like all medical procedures, abortions come with risks and potential complications. There are also certain laws abortion providers must follow when a woman seeks an abortion. Get all facts before making your decision.

The following are Arizona laws that were in affect as of January 1, 2018 regarding abortion:

  • Abortion providers are required to give women in person, state-directed counseling and an ultrasound prior to performing an abortion. Counseling must include information that may discourage women from having an abortion. An ultrasound must also be performed with the option for the client to view the image. Women must wait 24 hours after counseling and the ultrasound before having the procedure done.

  • Health plans obtained through the Arizona health exchange and policies for public employees only cover abortion if the mother’s life or health is in danger.

  • Doctors cannot administer medication for abortion through telemedicine.

  • Minors MUST have parental consent before an abortion is performed.